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We all know that UK license number plates have regulations about their manufacture and display, but how can you be sure your UK plate number adheres to these? are specialists in making UK license number plates so not only can we make sure they are road legal, but we'll make your UK number plate look great, and keep looking great for a long time. The rules on how the new type of number plates are very strict and whilst you can get plates made up in ways that do not conform to the law, it is very likely, with the number of CCTV's that are used by the authorities in the UK, that you will be penalised. When you make your own registration plate it is therefore not advisable to place extra spacing or use different fonts for a number plate on car, motorcycle or any other road vehicle. If you're not sure whether your license plate is suitable for the UK roads, then why not drop us a line, or you can also check our FAQ page.

We can have your plate printed as you wanted, designed by you, using our custom number plate designer, and delivered to your door in no time at all. Car number plates and car accessories from 4plates the experts in low cost number plates, cheap number plates made... for classic metal pressed black & silver plates and black license plates. Click for more details:-

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UK Plate Numbers

Did you know that even the numbers on the license plate are regulated? These must adhere to a specific font, size and spacing. We can make sure that numbers on your UK license plate meet the legal requirements for road usage, whether for your car, motorbike, lorry or scooter.

We are experts at making UK number plates, that's what we do, and it's why we have so many customers using our online designer tool. The UK plate numbers and letter are all the required size, and the license plates themselves are robust and long lasting. Make a start now to build your own UK license number plate and have it ready to fit to your car in next to no time.

Looking for a way of Designing your Own Customised low cost, high quality Acrylic number plate for your car
, bike, van, lorry or caravan?, or maybe you want a "show plate" for your off road vehicle, mobile home or even your bedroom door!

Whatever your needs, 4Plates can make you a replacement car number / license plate JUST AS YOU WANT IT (and no documentation is required either). What's more you get all the fun of designing on line.

(Note some of the plates you create may not be road legal and are just for non road vehicle use).

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We don't sell private car registration plates or licenses, but we are anumber plate supplier. Whilst we can design Plates for you (if you need some help Email us) we think you'd rather have all the fun yourself, so click on the link above and have FUN creating your customised number plate. When your done, just hit the submit button and we'll make up your number plate and have it with you in double quick time (and what's more we don't need any documentation).

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Number Plates - The DVLA View

Why do we need registration marks? 
Registration marks are needed so that a vehicle can be easily identified. Number plates must be easy to read for many reasons but it is most important for the police. The police often rely on witnesses to remember the number plate if they are to solve a crime. This ranges from motoring offences to some very serious crimes where a vehicle has been involved. Solving these crimes can depend on someone remembering a registering mark or even part of it.

How do I buy a registration number? 
The DVLA offers prefix and new style personalised registrations for sale through a telesales facility, which gives a huge choice from just £250 (all-inclusive). Just telephone us on 0870 6000 142 between 9.00am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday and 9.00am and 1.00pm Saturday.

How was this new format chosen?
A consultation exercise in 1997 invited the public and interested organisations to give their views. The system that has been developed meets the needs of the vast majority of respondents in providing local memory tags and age identifiers. These will be easy to remember and require no significant changes in materials or overall size.

The use of the figure 5 to precede the year, for September registrations, will maximise the registration mark combinations and offer a long-lasting system. The 5 will change to 6 in 2010 and to 7 in 2020 and so on until 2050 when the format may be reversed to extend the format another 50 years.

Will I be able to transfer a new style mark onto my old vehicle? 
No, registration marks cannot be transferred onto any vehicle if it may appear to make the vehicle look younger. No vehicle first registered before 1 September 2001 will be able to have a new style mark.

Why is it necessary to have a common font for all?
Number plates must be easy to read - by people who may witness accidents or serious crime involving motor vehicles and by roadside cameras. The police rely on clear recall of registration numbers in order to trace vehicle keepers.

Will motorists have to change their existing number plates to the new font?
The vast majority of motorists will not be directly affected by the regulations. However those motorists who have plates that are not substantially the same as the new mandatory font should change them for plates that comply with new regulations. Once the new font becomes compulsory existing plates using any typeface that is not substantially the same as that specified in the regulations will be illegal.

Are motorists with “cherished” registration marks be affected by the new mandatory font?
Providing their plates currently meet the legal requirements the mandatory font will not affect them.

My vehicle was manufactured before 1 January 1973 but not registered until later. What type of number plate should I display?
You now have the option of either displaying the standard plates or an old style plate explained under the heading vehicles registered before 1 January 1973.

As you can see there are many rules that you must adhere to, at least in the DVLA's mind, so please make sure that you are buying your number plates with the above in mind.

4Plates does not need any documentation, but we must leave it up to you to ensure you are using the plates legally..